Abbess’ Custom PC controlled Drying System

Drying of products is achieved effectively and in a controlled manner by utilizing vacuum chambers. We offer a variety of chambers and will work with you to meet your drying, mixing and other process needs.

Our vacuum drying systems consists of a vacuum chamber, an oil free or oil-sealed pump with gauge and valves as well as a source for providing heat to the test article. Abbess works in a cooperative fashion to customize automation to a customer’s process, and to ensure the system configuration meets production needs. Such upgrade options (appose to manually operated systems) include:

· A Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC) that can be used to automate some or all of the control functions via panel-mounted buttons and indicators.

· A VCC controlled by a PC with a user-specified Graphical User Interface (GUI) operated through a touchscreen. The PC Touchscreen Computer contains Abbess’s customized DAQFactory program interface: test environment automation and data logging integrated control and monitoring of the drying system and all of its components.

· Should your system require the inserting of gas under test (Ln2) our Purge gas kits are the ideal option for your system.

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We also provide various options for vacuum filters. Whether you’re extracting water from wax or removing the plastic odor from a degassing or vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying is your solution.

Featured Products:

Digital VCC Controlled Low Vacuum Chamber

Digitally Controlled Low Vacuum Chamber for use in a variety of applications, including degassing

Vacuum Infusing and Impregnating System

Vacuum infusing, Vacuum impregnating, and Vacuum filling can greatly improve the Product Quality of 3D printed items.

Large Top loading Cube with lateral gliding door

Top Loading Chamber with Lateral Sliding Door

Custom Top Loading Chamber with Lateral Sliding Door Action was produced in answer to a customer’s very specific requirements, and on an accelerated timeline.

High Vacuum Storage System

Achieve dry, and controlled conditions for your items and batches with our process-versatile, multi-access, multi-functional, with a optional automated chamber controller and data logger.

Vacuum Degassing and Oil Fill System

This double-chambered, semi-automated vacuum system allows for degas and Fill processing. (Thumbnail shown with analog VCC)

Large Scale Vacuum Systems, Custom

A custom-designed vacuum system configured to top-load large scale parts into a solution for cleansing/dring/degassing.

Large Vacuum Storage Systems, Modular

Vacuum Storage System Custom configured to your requirements. complete systems with Pumps, controllers and other options

Vacuum Cold Trap, -80°C Using Cascade Refrigeration System

This Vacuum Cold Trap is designed to precipitate vapors like water and related materials from gas streams developed in a vacuum processing or drying operation.

Economy Vacuum Chambers

This bench top sized vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged production or testing unit. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum degassing small batches of resins, epoxies,other liquids, or filling molds and other containers under vacuum.

Production Grade Degassing System

11 inch or 15 inch diameter by 6,12 or 20 inch deep vacuum chamber with hose, vacuum pump, fittings, valves, and gauge.

Large acrylic bell jar vacuum chamber

Bell Jar Replacement, Vacuum Chamber, No Glass

A heavy Acrylic vacuum chamber on a metal base plate, 11 inch, 15 inch, 24 diameters by 6,12 or 20 inch high

Medical Grade Vacuum Chambers

This chamber is used for vacuum drying samples and other material processing where temperature and time are critical.

Clear acrylic VCC Vacuum chamber

Clear Acrylic Cube Vacuum System with VCC System

Clear Acrylic Cube Vacuum Chamber System

Clear Acrylic Cube Vacuum Chamber

This bench top sized vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged unit with 1-1/2″ thick walls and true o-ring seals for deep vacuums and long life.

Overview of Vacuum Oven Systems

Dry in our manual or automatic, data-logged or not, single or multi-chambered, Vacuum Oven systems.

 To insure your product has an air-tight seal, see our Package Leak Testing systems.

 To bake-off or heat a product, see our Thermal Vacuum chambers.