Vacuum Systems with Integrated Deep cooling and High Temp performance: Precise control and robust capacity

e Thermal Vacuum Chamber
Large thermal vac chamber with automated temperature control and simulation.

Abbess TVAC Thermal Vacuum Systems offer an integrated system solution for chamber environments where both vacuum pressure and temperature are crucial to a customer’s process or test. Test chambers can involve thermal plates and shrouds in a variety of materials and finishes which are isolated from the chamber wall. Cartridge heaters and/or engaged piping can circulate LN2, direct expansion refrigerant gases, or specified thermal transfer fluid from an Abbess Snow River system. Alternatively, Abbess Bakeout or ‘Thermal Box’ chambers employ similar technology to actively thermal manage the chamber itself, which is insulated from the lab or factory environment with an insulation and sheathing enclosure.

Abbess engineers will work with you to customize our TVAC systems to meet your needs. Customization can be achieved via the introduction of a wide range of feedthru components for interaction with the Article Under Test, different control configurations, as well test data logging and process profile automation.

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Bakeout, Thermal, and Vacuum Assisted Curing, Severe Environment Test: Abbess can match the Integrated TVAC System to each customer’s multi-faceted need!

Thermal Vacuum Featured Products:

Thermal Vacuum Chambers

Thermal componets can be integrated into any system in the temperature range of (cold)-320F/-196C to (Hot)+300F/150C with vacuum from atmosphere to 10-9 torr.

Thermal Satellite Testing Vacuum Chamber

Satellite Testing Vacuum System

Satellite Testing Vacuum Systems engineered and built for the satellite industry. These systems can be customized for your desired test procedure. The inner Thermal Shroud can be coated with AeroGlaze® to further improve your testing environment.

Thermal Vacuum Solar Simulation System

Abbess Thermal Vacuum and Solar Simulation Chamber Systems are designed and produced for use in laboratory production and testing applications requiring an exposure to or process within a controlled vacuum environment at specific temperature involving solar simulation.

front view of custom thermal gas mix test chamber

Thermal Vacuum Gas Mix Test Chamber

The Abbess Thermal Vacuum Custom Gas Mix System allows articles under test placed inside the chamber to be exposed to high vacuum pressure as well as various temperatures via a heated and cooled Main Thermal Plate Assembly.



Multi-Plate Thermal Vacuum Chambers

Multi-plate thermal vacuum systems are built to customer specifications, testing requirements, and budget.

Vacuum Oven System

These Vacuum Oven Systems are designed and built to be rugged and efficient systems for use in production or testing.

VO-24 and VO-36 inch cubes

Vacuum Oven Systems—Custom configured to your requirements. Complete systems with pumps, controllers and other options

Standard Altitude Simulation Package

Pre-Designed Altitude Control & Simulation Systems

Abbess Instruments has carefully designed three-levels of Altitude Chamber vacuum systems of varying complexity. Listed are standard packages with can be bought as a bundle, or can be customized to fit certain specifications.

Thermal Shrouds in Vacuum Systems

This custom high vacuum chamber with thermal inserts is capable of being used as a large-scale space simulation/thermal vacuum chamber.

Satellite component thermal altitude test chamber

Thermal Altitude Test Chamber

The Abbess Thermal Vacuum Chamber System shown facilitates thermal and vacuum profiles consistent with altitudes to 200K feet.  Customer defined devices are supported with an array of 25 pin D-sub, BNC and SMA feedthrus.

Automated Space Simulation System with -80C Cascade Refrigeration

This system allows articles under test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum pressure as well as various temperatures via the heated and cooled Thermal Plate Assembly. A Thermal Vacuum Cycle Controller (TVCC) is used to automate and control functions.

High Vacuum System with Thermal Shroud

This 48 inch cube system (thermal vacuum chamber) allows items placed inside to be exposed to vacuum down to 10^-7 Torr. A Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC) is used to automate control functions.

Custom thermal vacuum chamber with sliding door

Custom Thermal Vacuum System

Abbess offers fully custom designed and engineered  systems in order to meet customer specification. The system allows articles under test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum pressure as well as various temperatures via the heated and cooled Thermal Plate Assembly (thermal vacuum chamber).

High Vacuum – Thermal Vacuum System

The Abbess Thermal Vacuum Chamber System shown allows Article(s) Under Test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum (10e-8 range) as well as heated and cooled via conductive contact with the Gold Plated Copper Thermal Plate.

Multimode Cooling, Thermal Vacuum Chamber System

The Abbess Multimode Thermal Vacuum Chamber System serves as the flexible platform for a range of thermal vacuum testing and experimentation methods. Multimode is cooling using 2 different methods.

Vacuum Chambers with Thermal Plates ~ 24 and 36 inch Cubes

Each vacuum chamber with thermal plates can be built to customer requirements (thermal vacuum chamber)

Mars Simulation Chamber

Replicate atmospheric conditions within the vacuum chamber system. This vacuum chamber sytem is ideal for space simulation testing. 6 heated and cooled thermal plates.

Overview of Vacuum Oven Systems

Dry in our manual or automatic, data-logged or not, single or multi-chambered, Vacuum Oven systems.

Low Vacuum – Thermal Vacuum System

The Thermal Vacuum System allows items placed inside of the thermal vacuum chamber to be exposed to vacuum as well as heat or cooled via the Thermal Plate.

 Looking for higher vacuum than 10^-6 torr? See our Space Simulation Systems.

 If you are looking to heatseal your products, please see our Sealers.

Thermal Vacuum Chambers:
Basic System | Complex System | Upgrade Options

Our thermal test chambers allow you to simulate what you need. In addition, heated chambers can provide vacuum outgassing.