Vacuum Degassing and Oil Fill System

Optimize your impregnating, encapsulating and dosing production processes with Abbess Instruments vacuum degassing and Filling systems. Abbess Instruments reduces your production failures and processing time by eliminating moisture issues, air bubbles, and air cavities, and by automation (through controlling your process variables). We can take your product, in-situ, all the way from evacuation through to its cured state: This double-chambered, thermal vacuum system allows for degas, dose, and thermal-cure processing. The front-loading door of the main chamber is acrylic, giving … Read More

VE-11 Vacuum Chamber, Liquid Filling

VE-11 ~ Vacuum Impregnator, Encapsulator, and Degas for degassing / deairing and filling parts and molds with resins, epoxy or liquids (oils or water based) under vacuum. Abbess Instruments’Vacuum impregnator, Vacuum filler allows you to fully evacuate a product or specimen, then with all the air and moisture removed, fill the product or specimen with liquid, casting , mounting or potting compound or resin that can penetrate the full pore depth of the sample or product.   Standard Features Material: … Read More