Aeronautic Component Test System

Aeronautic component testing system

Precise, informative and reliable testing of aeronautical components for industry and academia. Our aeronautic component testing systems provide a platform for component testing which enables the user to precisely and easily control the test conditions of the system as well as log-data concerning the article under test. Using thermal vacuum cycle controllers (VCC) and a Snow River® Cascade Heat Exchange, this system is capable of consistently achieving and maintain temperatures in the range of +200C to -96C. To get an accurate quote … Read More

Satellite Testing Vacuum System

Thermal Satellite Testing Vacuum Chamber

Satellite Testing Vacuum Systems engineered and built for the satellite industry. With precise thermal and vacuum control, the Abbess Satellite Testing Vacuum System is ideal for ensuring the compliance and ability of your product or satellite to sustain ultra-high and low atmosphere conditions. Abbess designs rugged equipment and practical systems for continuous and demanding analytical, manufacturing, and production use, with safety and long life in mind. Additionally, we offer various coating for solar simulation and other orbital variables. Chambers are helium … Read More

Multi-Plate Thermal Vacuum Chambers

With multiple independent plates our Thermal Vacuum Chambers and be built and designed to produce temperatures in the range of -320F/-196C to +300F/150C. Multi-plate thermal vacuum systems can be customized to fit customer specifications, testing requirements, and budget.  These systems also offer reliable and accurate temperature control.   This thermal vacuum chamber is shown with 3 Copper Thermal Plate with 2″x 2″ matrix with 1/4″ x 20 threaded holes, and with optional electronic ports, TC type K feedthrus, lights, cart, pump, … Read More

Pre-Designed Altitude Control & Simulation Systems

Standard Altitude Simulation Package

Abbess Instruments has carefully designed three levels of Altitude Control and Simulation vacuum chamber systems of varying complexity. Listed are standard packages which can be bought as a bundle, or can be customized to fit certain specifications. To get an accurate quote for the system you need fill out our RFQ or call today! Standard Altitude Control Packages: Basic Altitude Control & Simulation Package Benefits: Cost effective solution to altitude simulation Simple and easy to operate user interface Rs-485 compatible Up to 40 step … Read More

Thermal Shrouds in Vacuum Systems

The Abbess High Vacuum Thermal System allows items placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum pressure as well as extreme temperatures via the electrically heated and refrigerant cooled Thermal Shroud. This thermal vacuum chamber system is controlled by a Vacuum Cycle Controller (VCC), used to integrate temperature and vacuum level monitoring and automate many of the process control functions via panel-mounted indicators and activating buttons and switches, as well as a touch screen PC with a user-specific customized programming … Read More

Automated Space Simulation System with -80C Cascade Refrigeration

This vacuum chamber system allows articles under test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum as well as various temperatures via the heated and cooled Thermal Plate Assembly. A computer with PC touch screen, custom programmed GUI is used to automate ramp and hold temperature control functions and log data to a data file that is Excel-compatible. Automated Space Simulation system for 10-6 Torr operation with thermal cycling: The As-Built performance curves shown (Figs: 1 & 2), were obtained at … Read More

High Vacuum – Thermal Vacuum System

The Abbess Thermal Vacuum Chamber System shown allows Article(s) Under Test placed inside to be exposed to high vacuum (10e-8 range) as well as heated and cooled via conductive contact with the Gold Plated Copper Thermal Plate. Customer defined process is supported with a 50 pin D-sub High Vacuum CF feedthru and UV Grade Quartz view portals. Thermal and Vacuum controls are addressed as discrete concerns with toggle switch power to actuate the vacuum pumping system (Pfeiffer HiPace 80 Turbo … Read More

Vacuum Chambers with Thermal Plates ~ 24 and 36 inch Cubes

Thermal Vacuum Chambers — Temperature range -320F/-196C to +300F/150C Click to view: Altitude vs. Pressure, Temperature and Density see datasheet This thermal vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged bench top unit for product testing or production. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size for use in vacuum testing and degassing of parts, electronics, space simulation, and altitude testing. These thermal vacuum chambers are also used in many other industries where vacuum work is required. A … Read More

Mars Simulation Chamber

The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) experiment suite for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover mission is being developed for NASA. Its development will require a thermal and pressure controlled vacuum chamber that will be used to simulate the environment that SAM will encounter on the surface of Mars inside the MSL rover. SAM will be largely contained within the MSL Warm Electronics Box (WEB) with gas and solid sample inlets and a gas outlet penetrating through the walls … Read More